Woman Says Airline Asked Her to Cover ‘Revealing’ Top

A Los Angeles-based singer says she was asked to cover up her “revealing” top on a Southwest Airlines plane. Singer Jacy says she was flying from Sacramento to Los Angeles when the incident happened. Fellow passenger Melinna Bobadilla was also at the airport and the actress came to Jacy’s defense. The “Gentefied” star said she was kicked off the flight instead. Southwest Airlines tells Inside Edition its employees had “discretely resolved” the situation with Jacy before boarding.

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One thought on “Woman Says Airline Asked Her to Cover ‘Revealing’ Top”

  1. I work for an airline and you don’t know how many time woman come through half naked, wearing no bra with breasts protruding out of the shirt, the tiniest of shirts like they took their baby daughters shirt by mistake. A lady was at my counter with no bra and the shortest shirt possible. She lifted her arm and one of her breast came out (didn’t take much) and she didn’t even know! I told her and she was shocked and embarrassed that it happened. I see men wearing their pants past their butts to where you see their underwear (pretty disgusting if you ask me). I can go on and on about how people come to the airport dressed. I really feel that there should be a dress code when flying and if you don’t follow that code, you don’t fly! Where are the times where people dressed nicely when flying!

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