Welcome To The ‘Hotel Influenza’: You Can Get $3500 With One Catch

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The “Hotel Influenza” probably won’t appear in any of your Priceline searches for St. Louis, Missouri. If it does, then it better not charge you any money.

No, instead the Extended Stay Research Unit at St. Louis University’s (SLU) Center for Vaccine Development (dubbed the “Hotel Influenza” in their press release written by Nancy Solomon) will pay you around $3500 (which also will cover travel expenses) to stay in hotel-style rooms, equipped with private bathrooms, televisions, the Internet, and common areas with comfy chairs. You also get catered meals in the dining room and kitchen area, access to exercise equipment, and nice views of the St. Louis Arch.

Let’s see, what else?  Oh, at the “Hotel Influenza,” you get intentionally exposed to the influenza virus. Such a lovely place.

Anything unusual about these arrangements? Not used to having comfy chairs? Think televisions are unusual in a hotel? Oh, yes, you are wondering why you need to get exposed to the flu virus?…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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