Vacation-Friendly Cannabis Edibles for Your Visit to Oregon

If you’re visiting Oregon to enjoy the region’s natural wonders or cultural trappings and want to enhance your stay with a little cannabis, an infused treat is an excellent choice. Oregon’s adult-use edibles are affordable, frequently low-dose, and offer the special-occasion highs that great travel stories are made of.

We compiled this list of Oregon’s most travel-friendly edibles to pair with your stop-through. Be sure to start small, keep what you buy in-state, and take a Lyft if you’ve imbibed.

Friendly advice: If you’re new to edibles, we recommend a 1:1 CBD-THC ratio. The cannabinoid CBD has been observed to ameliorate anxiety-related side effects of THC. With an equal dosage of CBD and THC, a calming, manageable experience is a more likely outcome…..Click Here To Keep Reading



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