Trump White House Calling For ” Larger, Tougher” Travel Restrictions

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 After another terror attack in London, the Adviser for National Security H.R. McMaster says the Trump administration is considering a new travel ban. McMaster told ABC’s This Week that “If you can’t screen people effectively to know who’s coming into your country, then you shouldn’t allow people from that country to travel,” and that “This is something that we are looking at.”

Trump said that after “another attack in London by a loser terrorist” that he is calling for “larger, tougher” travel restrictions.

McMaster appeared on Fox News Sunday and was asked about the relationship of the POTUS and the National Security Council. McMaster implied that relations have improved since advisor Steve Bannon has left the White House. Bannon considered McMaster to be a globalist and often found themselves at odds over national security decisions.


 When McMaster was asked about Bannon he said, Trump is best served without people who try “to manipulate” a particular decision and “advance your agenda,” and “There were some who tried to operate outside of that process for their own narrow agendas and that didn’t serve the president well.”

President Trump retweeted himself saying that “The travel ban into the United States should be far larger, tougher and more specific-but stupidly, that would not be politically correct!”



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