Tourist returns stolen Roman ruins, apologizes for being ‘American a–hole’

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By Jackie Salo

An American tourist has returned a fragment of ancient marble stolen from a trip to Rome — along with a note apologizing for “being such an American a–hole.”

The Nation Roman Museum received a bulky package this week from Atlanta, Georgia, which contained the rock inscribed with the message, “To Sam, love Jess, Rome 2017” in black marker, the Guardian reported.

Along with the parcel was a letter asking for forgiveness from a visitor, who museum officials assume was a young woman named Jess.

“In 2017 she must have come to Rome, and took this fragment of marble in order to gift it to her boyfriend,” museum director Stéphane Verger told Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.

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Tourist returns stolen Roman ruins, apologizes for being 'American a--hole'
The Roman Forum in Rome. Christopher Sadowski

The Roman Forum
The Roman Forum, where it is thought Jess may have taken the marble from. Photograph: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

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