These ultra-luxe tours can take you around the world in a private jet - Book Cheap Flights!

Harriet Baskas @HBASKAS

  • All-inclusive private jet trips can cost more than $100,000 per person.
  • These companies offer around-the-world tours and trips to far-flung locations like Antarctica.  
  • Perks of private jet tours include specialty guides, on-board chefs and dedicated luggage managers. 

There’s luxury travel and then there’s super-luxury travel.

And by any measure, touring the world on a specially outfitted private jet with 15 to 50 like-minded passengers, all on the same financial playing field, falls into the “ultra-luxe” category.

For well-to-do, worldly travelers with destinations and experiences still on their bucket lists, joining a private jet tour is a popular way to efficiently explore the world in the lap of luxury. These all-inclusive trips can cost more than $100,000 per person. 

“But the level of care, the food and beverage offerings and the special amenities and white glove services are top of the line,” said Becky Powell, president of Protravel International. “What really makes these journeys special is the ability to visit many exotic and off-the-beaten track destinations, stay in unique high-end accommodations and have access to curated, insider experiences.”

Sound like your kind of travel? Here are some private jet journeys to consider.

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