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Your family vacation survival guide

If you’re in a family, you’ve no doubt experienced the feelings brought on by the phrase “summer vacation,” and those feelings are cruel panic and hideous terror. Breaks are restorative and sunshine is fine or whatever, but the term is generally a hilarious oxymoron when used in describing something that involves 14-hour Caravan rides, forced interactions with anthropomorphic mice, paying $24.95 for a horse feedbag-sized serving of chicken fingers and attempting to apply sunscreen to the shrieking face of a 6-year-old. Yet because we at The Loop are optimistic sorts who strive to find the good in anything, even naked Greg Norman, we like to focus on the positive. As such, we’d like to submit these few ways that you can make your family vacation seem dangerously like an actual vacation.

First, Splurge on the Extra Room for the Kids: Actually, we take that back. “Splurge” isn’t the correct term for a decision that will encourage sleep, create important space and facilitate the ability to wake each morning actually rested. Yes, it costs extra. Yes, accommodations are already expensive! Yes, it’s worth it to avoid returning from a busy day of swimming, roller-coastering or jellyfish throwing to two queen beds jammed into 73 square feet of hotel real estate. Or, if you can…

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