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Car Rentals in United Kingdom

For all the charm of a far-away island or a sultry jungle wilderness, when it comes to travel, long-haul isn’t necessarily the most appealing option any more. Whether it’s the debate surrounding the flight-shaming movement or the uncertainty of Brexit that has us pinned to home turf, there are more reasons than ever before to staycation.

But staying put doesn’t have to mean staying sedentary. Here’s how you can embark on a great adventure without even leaving the country.

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8 Haunted Hotels You Can Stay In Right Now

People go on vacation for all kinds of reasons: they need to rest and recharge; they want to experience adventure; or maybe they want to see something new and different. If you like your vacations with an emphasis on the latter two, you might consider a pilgrimage to a haunted hotel. Hotels all over the world have popped up in buildings with terrifying or odd histories, and claim their gory pasts as a way to attract people keen to lie in high thread-count sheets and feel terrified all night. Whether you prefer your ghosts anonymous or famous, corporeal or simply gusts of wind and weird clunking noises, there’s somewhere in the world for you.

“Ghost hotels” aren’t actually all that new. People have been fascinated by staying in places that allegedly have resident phantoms for centuries. Spiritual “seances”…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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Mozambique travel WARNING: UK issues advice after brutal attacks leave 17 dead

A MOZAMBIQUE travel warning has been issued by the UK Foreign Office has advised against British tourists traveling to Mozambique in their latest travel warning following a series of terror attacks which saw 17 people killed. So how safe is it to travel to Mozambique?

  • A Mozambique travel warning has been issued by the UK advising those from Britain not to travel to the northeastern region of the country
  • UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has consequently warned against travelling to avoid any danger
  • The descirbed the threat of terrorim in Mozambique as “likely” and has issued advice on anyone travelling to the African country…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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