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Miami Vacation – Deals & Packages!

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If music, beaches and cigars are all that you fancy on a weekend or on a hoilday destination, Miami is just the place for you. This American coastal city on the southeastern tip of Florida is exquisitely delightful and offers a complete range of sunny beaches, hiphop lifestyle, buzzing marketplaces, aromatic food joints and even war memorials. Miami is always honoured by millions of tourists who come here unfailingly every year and soak themselves in its wild atmosphere, the tinge of which lingers on in their minds for the rest of the year.

Places of Interest in Miami

The fingerprint of Miami city, Miami Beach is not just like any other beach, and there can be no arguement there. The beach is just what you have always dreamt of- aquamarine waters, bright sun, golden sand, cold beers and that picture-perfect beauty. Watersports are the in-things here and you can always team-up with someone if you’d like to let your sporty self go crazy. And then there is the applepie-Art Deco District. It has some beautifully restored pastel buildings of the black-and-white thirties. They dominate the view of the ocean ahead and are the finest of all dining places in the city. Other bells and whistles come standard for this beach, like beachfront restaurants and assorted shops that sell sunbathing gears and watersports gears among other things.

Bayside Marketplace
The city’s thistle is dangerous beacuse it is a bit on the pricier side, but then it also has its own wicked charm. Bayside Marketplace is the place to live some softer moments with your better half. It is a huge mall located along Miami’s waterfront and lined neatly on the inside with tour boats that you can take on rent. You can also go on a shopping spree and choose what you’d like from almost two hundred speciality stores. Once done with both, get yourself a coffee in a local cafe or just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
This hundred year old museum is a classical combination of Italian Renaissance-style villa and medieval European decorative arts. It has many fountains, pools and sculptures of Italian and French origin amidst plush greenery and calm quietude that are just about mesmerizing.

Make some memories in magical Miami! Get up to $30 off withpromo code MIAMI30. Book Now!