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9 Dog-Friendly California Hotels That Totally Pamper Your Pup

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Sometimes it’s difficult to leave your pup at home, and some hotels say they’re pet friendly when what they really mean is they’re pet tolerant. These California hotels, however, really put the welcome mat out for well-behaved canine pals.

1. Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa, Sausalito

Sausalito’s Casa Madrona offers a Go Fetch Package that includes welcome treats, a cozy bed, fashion-forward leashes and collars, and upscale crates, if needed. Once there, you can hike the Marin Headlands or stroll the waterfront. If your dog acts up, just point out Alcatraz in the distance and explain just how good he’s got it. 801 Bridgeway, Sausalito……Click Here To Keep Reading

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