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Secret Airline Seeks Pilot For Area 51

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  • “Janet” rumored to stand for  “Just Another Non-Existent Terminal”
  • Janet Airlines operates out of a private, secure terminal at Las Vegas airport
  • Flies to top secret US military test sites including the Area 51.
  • Jets have no tail markings or logos
  • Task & Purpose reported the average salary of a pilot for Janet Air  was $80,454 per year.
Extraterrestrial Hwy in Nevada runs along the eastern border of Area 51. Picture: AP/Laura RauchSource:News Limited
Taken during a 1957 U-2 flight, shows a missile launch pad in Nevada’s Area 51.

Pilot wanted for secretive ‘Janet Airlines’ to fly to Area 51FOX News

Fly the Secret Skies! Airline That Serves Area 51 Seeking Tight-Lipped PilotsSputnik

Secretive ‘Janet Airlines’ Seeks Pilot – Newsmax

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