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Couple Loses Passports, $1,800 Hotel Reservation On ‘Nightmare’ Vacation

Next time you board an international flight, double — no, triple — check that your passport is with you. Otherwise, you may run the risk of ruining your vacation, just like 27-year-old couple Lewis Mundy and Kimberley Floyd did. 

According to the pair, who spoke to the Daily Mail, they had been planning a trip to Akti Hotel on the island of Kos in Greece for some time. They excitedly boarded their plane at London Gatwick, which is where the trouble began.

You see, according to the couple, they both put their passports in the seat pockets in front of them, buckled their seat belts, and settled in for the flight. Upon landing, the two stepped off the plane only to realize they both forgot their passports on board…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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