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Heads Up On This Flydubai Sale Sept.15-Oct31



Hey there people, as always, doing our best to keep you up to date on deals going on. The terms of this sale have it scheduled over a few different periods. The current sale cycle will end on Oct.31st. The next sale period will start on Nov.1st and go through the 31st of January of 2018. Basically, the deal offers customers a discount up to 20, 30 and 50% off on one-way and return fares in Economy and Business Class. The overview is as listed.

  1. UAE, GCC, Jordan and Lebanon:- Up to 50% off
  2. Iran, Iraq and Egypt:- Up to 30% off
  3. Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda:- Up to 30% off
  4. Russia:- Up to 20% off
  5. Austria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia, Tajikistan and Ukraine:- Up to 30% off
  6. Armenia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey:- Up to 50% off
  7. Nepal and Sri Lanka:- Up to 30% off
  8. Pakistan and Thailand:- Up to 50% off          



The further ahead you book your flight, the better your discount is, so check it out and look into it but don’t take too long making a decision. Time is money and money is well….I guess kind of a big deal right? Click either of the banners to check it out.