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Terrifying Ryanair Flight Video Shows Oxygen Masks Drop During Cabin Depressurization

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A Ryanair flight carrying 189 people from Dublin to Zadar on Friday the 13th had a sudden “in-flight depressurization” that caused the oxygen masks to drop and the pilots to make a rapid descent. The aircraft landed normally and passengers disembarked, The Guardian reports, however, over 30 passengers were taken to the hospital with bleeding from the ears, headaches, and more side effects from the rapid descent.

“We get on the plane. We’re flying, and next, of all the oxygen masks come down. We’re left in darkness for 15 minutes. There’s no reassurance, just people shouting, ’emergency, emergency,’” passenger Sarah McGarry told the Irish Times. “There was a newborn baby and children on the flight. People are screaming, and we don’t know what’s going on for 15 minutes . . . Then finally we’re told that we’re going to Germany.”

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