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Just A Few Reminders About Things You Already Know

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Just gonna come right at you with a few reminders if you’re flying for the holidays this year.

First, don’t forget that thanksgiving is a short holiday. There’s no need to pay for luggage when you can most likely fit everything in a carry-on bag. Most airlines won’t charge you for this, but even if they do, it’s most likely going to be worth it. Fees for luggage can be pretty steep and you won’t have to stand around at the carousel waiting for your luggage. An extra bonus is that you’ll have your things with you the whole time and don’t have to worry about anything getting lost.

Second, since you can save some money with carry-on luggage, why not try to save money when you’re buying tickets? If you live in a smaller town with an airport, check prices for flying out of a bigger airport that might take a bit longer to get to. The difference between the two can be quite large. According to industry experts, if you’re still waiting to buy your plane tickets, it’s costing you an average of an additional $2 a day. Even if you’re not worried about spending the extra money, why do it? You definitely don’t have to listen me but maybe you should. Get on it!

Just one more, it doesn’t hurt to check out some airport parking options should you choose to go with a larger airport. The man/lady/people that you’re traveling with will be super impressed with your organizational skills and preparedness. 

Sincerely though, I hope everyone has a safe holiday season. Thanks for reading.

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