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Carnival Cruise Ship Malfunctions, Causes Chaos And Panic

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The Carnival Sunshine listed badly to its side for a few hours after leaving port Sunday evening.

Passengers received a note from the captain saying  “an electrical switchboard malfunction impacted the use of the fin stabilizers.”

Passengers on board tweeted about the unnerving incident.

  @Daviesgravey tweeted  “Last night was a very scary experience on the Sunshine,” and  “The starboard side literally felt like it lifted. I was in the dining room on 3. All the tables slid and fell over, glass falling and breaking. People screaming. And all we get is, ‘It’s being investigated.’”



MSC Cruises

Carnival Cruise Ship Crashes Into Pier in New York City

MSC Cruises

A Carnival cruise ship crashed into a dock on the west side of Manhattan, leaving the structure with some damage but causing no injuries, officials said. – Keep Reading On NBC New York

Carnival Cruise Ship Strikes Pier in New York City –  Cruise Radio

MSC Cruises

The pier that Carnival Horizon hit in NYC this morning. Photo: Kelly Banks Facebook
Carnival Horizon dented from hitting the structure this morning. Photo Kelly Banks Facebook

MSC Cruises

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