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5 Top Reasons You Should Travel With Your Kids

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Statistically speaking, fewer U.S. residents travel with our kids than we did even a few years ago. (In 2012, 26% of adults traveled domestically with children, as compared to 31% in 2008. International numbers are even lower.) There are several reasons for this decline, besides the obvious (increased cost).

Stories abound on the Interwebs about the holy terrors among the wee jet-set, from bad behavior in restaurants to havoc wreaked on airplanes. And parents have spoken: We are doing our best, and our kids, for the most part, are too. Still, it’s sometimes easier to leave the littles at home, given the many hassles of transit and the growing sense that children aren’t enthusiastically welcomed by some providers of travel services, along with the voices in the media that suggest they should be neither seen nor heard. So, why bother? Here are five reasons you should travel with your children whenever you can:….Click Here To Keep Reading

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