CDC urges travelers to ‘avoid’ several European destinations due to COVID-19 levels

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging Americans to “avoid travel” to a new batch of Europeans destinations: Iceland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Guernsey, a British Crown Dependency in the English Channel.

The CDC issued Level 4 travel health notices for all four destinations Monday due to “very high” levels of COVID-19.

“If you must travel … make sure you are fully vaccinated,” the CDC said of the locations.

The State Department issued parallel travel advisories Monday in line with the CDC, saying “do not travel” to Iceland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Guernsey is not on the list.

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Southwest Airlines employee hospitalized after passenger attack in Dallas



A Southwest Airlines employee was assaulted by a passenger Saturday afternoon following a “verbal altercation,” the airline said.

The incident happened during boarding for Southwest Flight 4976 from Dallas Love Field to New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

According to Dallas police, the passenger boarded the flight around 12:40 p.m. and headed straight to the back, where she argued with a flight attendant who instructed the passenger to leave the plane.

The passenger then walked to the front of the plane and verbally fought with another Southwest employee before punching that person in the head, police said.

Police arrested the passenger, who faces a charge of aggravated assault.

The victim, who Southwest Airlines identified only as an operations agent, was taken to a local hospital and is in stable condition, police said.

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American Airlines is squaring off with its aircrew before the holiday travel season

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In an effort to stave off flight cancellations during peak travel times, Fort Worth-based American Airlines offered flight attendants and pilots extra pay for working flights during the holidays. But the pilots union voted to reject the offer.

  • Flight attendants could make as much as triple their usual pay for working holiday flights and having perfect attendance.
  • The pilots union says it wants more permanent changes to how the airline schedules flights.
  • Why it matters: Flight demand is slowly approaching 2019 levels, when around 47 million people flew on U.S. airlines. Mass disruptions during this stretch could be infuriating for passengers and incredibly costly for the airlines.Flashback: American Airlines had to cancel more than 2,000 flights in only a few days at the end October and early November, citing weather problems and understaffing.
    • Southwest experienced similar problems earlier in October, which cost the airline a reported $75 million.

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United will stop flying to 11 US cities indefinitely – see the full list

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  • United Airlines is dropping 11 routes to small cities from its hubs in Houston, Denver, and Chicago.
  • The small communities are getting cut “due to changes in the long-term sustainability,” United said.
  • Delta and American have also stopped service to some low-demand markets since the pandemic started.

United Airlines is dropping 11 small US cities from its network as regional routes continue to feel the effects of the pandemic.

  • Kalamazoo/Battle Creek, Michigan: United is dropping its service from Chicago to Kalamazoo, though American and Delta will still serve the airport from Chicago and Detroit, respectively.
  • College Station, Texas: College Station will no longer have United’s service from Houston, though it will still be served by American from Dallas-Fort Worth.
  • Columbia, Missouri: United is ceasing service from Chicago to Columbia, but American will remain an operator to Chicago.
  • Mosinee, Wisconsin: Mosinee is losing its United service from Chicago but will keep Delta routes from Minneapolis-St. Paul and Detroit and American flights from Chicago.
  • Evansville, Indiana: United is stopping flights from Chicago to Evansville, but the airport will keep American flights from Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Charlotte, North Carolina, and Delta service from Atlanta and Detroit. In addition, Allegiant Air flies from Evansville to Orlando and Destin in Florida.
  • Killeen-Fort Hood, Texas: Killeen-Fort Hood is losing United’s flight from Houston, which makes American the airport’s sole airline with service to Dallas-Fort Worth.
  • Lansing, Michigan: United is ending its Chicago to Lansing route. American will continue to serve the airport from Washington, DC, and Chicago, while Delta will operate flights from Detroit.
  • Monroe, Louisiana: Monroe is losing its United service from Houston, though Delta will continue serving the city from Atlanta, while American will fly from Dallas-Fort Worth.
  • Pierre, South Dakota: United is dropping service from Denver to Pierre. After United’s exit, Denver Air Connection, which is a charter and scheduled passenger airline, will be the sole operator out of the airport.
  • Watertown, South Dakota: Watertown is the second South Dakota airport dropped by United. Like Pierre, Denver Air Connection will be the airport’s only scheduled airline.
  • Twin Falls, Idaho: United is ending its Denver to Twin Falls route, leaving Delta as the sole operator, with service from Salt Lake City

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American Airlines is offering flight attendants triple pay during peak holiday periods to head off staff shortages

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Zahra Tayeb
Sat, November 6, 2021, 7:02 AM

  • American Airlines is offering flight attendants triple pay to work during peak holiday periods, CNBC reported.
  • The airline said staff would need zero absences between November and early January to be eligible, per CNBC.
  • Staff shortages are plaguing industries in all corners of the US economy.

American Airlines is offering flight attendants triple pay to work during peak periods over the coming holiday season, according to an internal memo seen by CNBC.

The offer appears to be an attempt by the airline to head off staff shortages that contributed to it cancelling nearly 2,000 flights over the Halloween weekend.

Flight attendants who work trips between November 23 and November 29, and December 22 and January 2, will be eligible for 150% pay, the memo, sent Friday, said. If they have perfect attendance from November 15 through January 2, the will be eligible for an extra 150% pay on top, according to the memo.

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‘Violent and rough’ roller coaster in Ohio caused woman to have stroke, lawsuit says


‘Violent and rough’ roller coaster in Ohio caused woman to have stroke, lawsuit says

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A woman who says she was permanently disabled after riding a roller coaster is now suing the owner of an Ohio theme park.

Darian Young, of Muncie, Indiana, said in the lawsuit that she rode the Adventure Express roller coaster at Kings Island in October 2019. While riding the wooden coaster, she was “severely slammed around and thrown around,” which led to severe injuries, she said in the lawsuit.

She described the nature of the ride as “violent and rough.” Young suffered a “cervical dissection,” which in turn led to a “stroke resulting in severe mental and physical suffering (and) permanent disability,” according to the lawsuit.

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Adventure Express opened in 1991 and reaches heights of 63 feet, WXIX reported. The 2-minute ride reaches speeds of 35 mph.

Kings Island’s website describes the ride as “a high speed wood and steel roller coaster with a combination of banked turns and tunnels.”

Kings Island, located in Mason about 25 miles northeast of Cincinnati, did not immediately respond to McClatchy News for comment. The theme park declined comment on the lawsuit when contacted by WXIX.

Young filed suit against Cedar Fair, which owns Kings Island. Young and her attorneys allege the owner failed to safely maintain the ride and failed in inspecting it to OSHA standards.

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Young seeks at least $25,000 in the lawsuit for negligence and punitive damages against Cedar Fair.

An attorney representing Young previously won a lawsuit against Kings Island after six people were hurt riding Son of Beast in 2006, according to WXIX. That ride has since closed.

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Atlanta is only U.S. city on Lonely Planet’s top destinations for 2022

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Company’s coming, y’all. Or rather, it will be now that Lonely Planet has included Atlanta on its list of top 30 destinations for 2022.

Georgia Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium

The guide book publisher divided the top 30 places to visit into three categories: 10 countries, 10 cities and 10 regions. Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel lists were formed by whittling down hundreds of nominations from staff, contributors, bloggers and publishing partners, and then debated and chosen by a panel of travel experts.

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Lonely Planet picked these 10 countries to visit in 2022:

  1. The Cook Islands
  2. Norway
  3. Mauritius
  4. Belize
  5. Slovenia
  6. Anguilla
  7. Oman
  8. Nepal
  9. Malawi
  10. Egypt
The Fox Theatre
The Fox Theatre | Broadway Tour / photo modified

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I’m a flight attendant for a major airline. Some of us are making $150,000 a year thanks to overtime – but I’ve also heard horror stories.

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  • A flight attendant for an American airline (who asked to remain anonymous) said they’re in demand.
  • There’s opportunity to earn a lot from overtime, they said – up to $150,000 a year before taxes.
  • But they also deal with people who refuse to wear masks. Here’s their story, as told to Elle Hardy.

You’ve probably seen that the industry is struggling as there have been serious staff shortages. Some airlines have canceled a large number of flights because of the shortages.

A flight attendant on an airplane.
“I had a captain who said he prided himself on kicking people off the airplane if they were being rude to us or other passengers. That’s something I think is important,” said one flight attendant (not pictured). Matej Kastelic/500px/Getty Images

I’ve been flying for about six years, though at the height of the pandemic, I was furloughed for six months. I was lucky to be able to afford to take the time off and do a bit of traveling, but I know a lot of folks for whom the furlough was really hard.

Now, it’s the opposite. Picking up overtime shifts is always an option.

If you’re on your day off when the airline’s desperate for people, it’ll offer overtime and say, “Hey, if you work this trip, we will pay you time and a half.” That’s been much more prevalent in the past six months.

My airline has hired about 1,000 new flight attendants this year, and it’s also bringing on board about 1,100 new hires who were pushed out of training when the pandemic started.

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I just became a pilot after spending $80,000 on flight school. Here’s what the intense training program was like.

  • A 32-year-old commercial pilot (who asked to remain anonymous) shared what training was like.
  • They went through instruction during the pandemic and recently were hired.
  • They say demand is higher than ever for pilots but standards for training remain stringent.

This as-told-to essay is based on a transcribed conversation with a 32-year-old commercial pilot from Wayne, NJ, about training to be a pilot during the pandemic. They’ve asked to remain anonymous, but Insider has verified their identity and employment. The following has been edited for length and clarity.

I’m a 32-year-old commercial pilot and recently landed a job as a first officer with a regional airline in the US. Despite the US pilot shortage, the airlines are not skimping when it comes to safety – and my time in training is a testament to that.

Pilots in cockpit
“I don’t see myself being anything other than a pilot,” one 32-year-old commercial pilot said (not pictured).

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started my career in the Marines working with F-18’s. That’s what really lit the fuse for me. During that time I was not a pilot but helped support the F-18 squadron. Thanks to the Marines GI Bill and some financial aid from my parents, I was able to afford flight school.

The first thing you do when determining whether to go to flight school is a discovery flight


They take you up in the plane and show you how it works and to see if you’re comfortable in the air and on the controls. If you decide you want to move forward, you pay out of pocket – per flight, or for the whole program.

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