LAX employee slams allegedly ‘arrogant’ celebrity travelers: ‘Wouldn’t get off the aircraft’

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22-year-old Cindy is a former customer service rep who worked at LAX — up until March when the coronavirus hit the travel industry hard. In the meantime, she’s been gaining thousands of followers on TikTok for her hilarious and honest reviews of celebrities she’s interacted with at LAX.

Some ratings were no surprise — we’ve heard complaints against some of these celebrities before — and others sounded like maybe famous people really are just like us and forget their passports and ask where baggage claim is.

“It was fun for the most part,” Cindy told BuzzFeed about interacting with so many celebrities on a regular basis. “Most of them were really humble and honestly just normal people, so it was nice getting to see that different side to them rather than what you see on TV or in movies.”

Here’s what Cindy had to say about these very famous travelers:

Best behaved celebrities

“Technically I wasn’t supposed to take pictures with him but I was on my ‘lunch time,’” Cindy explained, pointing to a photo of her with Matthew Gray Grubler. “20 out of 10.”

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