‘It was such a panic’: A woman’s hangover triggered hysteria about coronavirus aboard her flight to Heathrow Airport

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  • Julia Walentin and Dina Oetterli spent their layover in Singapore drinking. Without enough food or rest, though, Walentin ended up with a terrible hangover.
  • By asking a steward for medicine to help with her headache, Walentin sparked fears that she had contracted coronavirus while vacationing in Cambodia.
  • After that, Walentin was told to wear a mask and lie down. Other flight passengers were moved at least one row away from the women and Walentin underwent temperature checks every 30 minutes during the “horrendous” 14-hour flight, she told the Sun.

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Julia Walentin (L) and her friend, Dina, enjoy some Corona beers after Walentin’s hangover sparked coronavirus fears and landed them in quarantine. 
Julia Walentin/Instagram
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