I visited this luxury thermal spa —and here’s what I thought

Alyssa Tria Shopping Editor

I arrived at Balnea Spa + Réserve Thermale, in Bromont, Qué., needing a relaxing massage. It was recommended I try Balnea’s signature multi-sensory full-body massage, which is curated with a blend of body manoeuvres from around the world, applied with the creative touch of a therapist to help awaken the senses.

90 minutes went by and I woke up in a complete daze. Not only did the massage relieve the tenseness in my shoulders, but my mindfulness had reached its optimal prime. I felt completely relaxed, uplifted and stress-free. Just when I thought my day at the spa over, I was invited to explore the rest of the Balnea’s all-inclusive installations and thermal experiences

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BALNEA spa + réserve thermale

BALNEA spa + réserve thermale
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