Going To Dubai? Avoid Doing These Things

If you’re planning on making a trip to Dubai, there are a few things you should remember NOT to do, or you could find yourself dealing with a UAE law man. While you might be a “risk Taker” or the “adventurous type”, avoiding the following will help you stay out of jail.

1. Don’t Curse in Public

Ok Ok, we know you curse like a sailor, but should Mr. police man overhear you dropping an F-bomb in public, or saying that the fine establishment that you are visiting smells like s$@t, you might be in for it. RUN!

2. Don’t share any photos of accidents

The UAE’s Minister of Interior says it is a violation of the law to share or distribute photos of car accidents on social media as well as aviation accidents. You could face a fine in the millions or up to life in prison. Jeez!

3. Don’t snoop on anyone else’s electronics

In the UAE, it is illegal to “use a computer network and/or electronic information system or any information technology for the invasion of privacy of another person”. If you snoop and get caught, you’re looking at a hefty fine and probably some jail time.

4. Don’t do any fundraising without permission

UAE and Dubai laws prohibit any fundraising or advertisements for fundraising without the approval from the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department. Punishment will include fines and prison time.

5. Don’t take pictures of planes

Just in case you start to feelin sentimental at the airport, don’t start snapping pictures of the planes. doing so could could land you in jail.

6. Don’t take pictures of people without their consent

Not only is it rude, but it’s also illegal. Under the UAE’s cyber crimes laws, you can be fined up to Dhs500,000 and face up to 6 months in jail.

7. Don’t spread rumors

Spreading false information, especially on social media, can lead to a fine of up to Dhs3,000,000 and 3 years in jail.

We hope you found this helpful and hopefully keeps some people out of trouble. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

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