7 thoughts on “Going to Dubai? Avoid doing these things”

  1. Hey, thank you for posting all of these helpful hints. Many of them are “rules” that I would like to apply world-wide, not just Dubai. Notably taking pictures of people without their permission, cursing in public, and snooping on other people’s electronics. Is there anything about women covering their heads, also?

    1. Thank you for your comment and I believe the UAE does have guidelines as to what is acceptable but I think for the most part you are able to wear what you like. The further you get from Dubai though, I would be sure to tone down any dress that people could perceive as offensive, especially during Ramadan.

  2. I enjoyed your site. Thank you for providing this information. When traveling to other countries, it is definitely important to know etiquette. With your site, the information is convenient and readily available, which is really wonderful.

    What other countries will you provide this type of information for in the near future?

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, I plan on covering this topic on places all over the globe so I hope you check in from time to time and drop a line. Thanks again

  3. Hey there

    I’m about to fly to Dubai and your tips really came in handy. I was getting so scared due to the culture difference. The part about not taking photos is a really good tip. Do you know any good places to visit in Dubai? I only have a day (1 night) in Dubai and am a single female.



    1. Hi and thank you very much for the feedback. There is a lot to do there but with such short time, find a nice spot on the beach and kick back. You stay safe and be sure to check back with us. Thank you!!

  4. Hi Lauren,

    These are very precise and helpful tips especially to the first-timers whether to stay there or just to visit. I have lived in Abu Dhabi for several years and I must say that UAE rules apply to all of its Emirates. Coming across your list will, I’m sure, lessen if not avoid having a culture shock (or penalty) especially for non-muslims. Although UAE especially Dubai has been more open compared to its GCC counterparts, most of their customs remain and that being said, (if you’re a man) never ever touch a woman or get too close or look at them directly especially the covered ones or while they are eating.

    I hope everyone who reads your list will benefit from it. Cheers!


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