Disneyland Hotel Sued By Woman Who Says Bedbugs Ruined Her Vacation

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A lawsuit was filed on Tuesday by Brian Virag of My Bed Bug Lawyer Inc., alleging that the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California, did not provide a habitable room for his client during her visit in April 2018.

“This was not a situation where a person sustained one or two bites,” Virag said. “Ms. Eldridge was bitten throughout her body, including, but not limited to her face, ears, neck, arms, and back. She was absolutely butchered.”

Disneyland Resort spokesperson Liz Jaeger said in a statement to USA Today, “We take extensive preventative measures so that our guests are comfortable and safe during their hotel stays, and when needed, take aggressive steps to rectify,”

 Post published on the law firm’s website. 

The guest claims she suffered physical and emotional damage after waking up at Disneyland Hotel covered in bedbug bites
(My Bed Bug Lawyer, Inc.)
A photo provided from Eldridge’s attorney shows what appear to be bed bugs found in the hotel. (My Bed Bug Lawyer, Inc.)

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