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Population: 183,823 (2016)


Brownsville is a city in Cameron County, Texas (United States). As a strategically located city, it has served as a site for several battles during the Texas Revolution, the Mexican-American War, and the American Civil War. The same reason also makes it the most perfect place to know about the history of southern Texas.

Places of Interest in Brownsville
Gladys Porter Zoo
Gladys Porter Zoo is a zoological and botanical park located in Brownsville, Texas. It was opened in September 1971 and now attracts about 375,000 visitors annually. It is the first zoo in the US that had been successful in breeding the vulnerable Jentink’s Duiker (a popular forest-dwelling duiker) under controlled conditions. The Gladys Porter Zoo is home to about 400 animal species (out of which 47 count as endangered species) and more than 250 tropical and neo-tropical species.

Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park
Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park near Brownsville (Texas) is the site of the Battle of Palo Alto on May 8, 1846. What had started initially as a border dispute between the US and Mexico had later made way for a much larger Mexican-American War. Palo Alto Battlefield is remarkable in the sense that an American victory here had paved the path for an imminent Mexican invasion and a consequent Mexican defeat. You shouldn’t miss out on the park’s visitor center that shows a 15-minute video titled ‘War on the Rio Grande.’

Sabal Palm Sanctuary
The Sabal Palm Sanctuary is famous nature reserve, and bird sanctuary in the US. It is located in the delta of the Rio Grande Valley near Brownsville, Texas and is known as one of the last locations in the valley where abundant groves of Sabal palms are also found. For those interested in knowing more about the ecology of the Rio Grande Valley, a visit to this sanctuary is an absolute must.

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