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There is an increasing overall feeling in passengers that the actions of TSA agents are growing worse. Although the agents should be there to help, many people just end up feeling harassed. Of coarse you want people to feel safe and secure, but you also want them to feel respected.

Skalij, Wally –– B581511472Z.1 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA AUGUST 30, 2011–A TSA agent stops Shay McCall along with her chihuahua before entering an x–ray in Terminal 1 at LAX. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times)

A spokesman for the TSA says that agents receive training in “general Etiquette” with subjects like, common courtesy and “using appropriate language”. TSA also attempts to solve grievances through their own customer service department, which tracks the issues.

Despite the training, grievances are are the rise. The first three quarters of the year experienced an 8% increase in complaints from the previous year. That’s 12.27 complaints per million passengers. According to Frequent Business Traveler magazine, a poll conducted in 2015 concluded that 87% of passengers polled gave the TSA a “fair or poor” rating.

A few things to take away here. First, the TSA needs to implement a new strategy. One of seeing that what they do is indeed a service that is necessary to the industry. Having the approach of being there to help and serve. Second and somewhat contrary, maybe the rudeness is merely a reflection of a society that has become entirely too rude and disrespectful itself and doesn’t like the image looking back. Something to ponder I suppose. Until next time, here’s a few tips to make that pesky TSA experience a little smoother.

1. Get A SupervisorIf something is going on that you are uncomfortable with. Don’t waste too much time arguing with the agent. Ask to speak to a supervisor and get things moving.

2. Put it in writingEmail the TSA directly at ( Make sure to make the report as detailed as possible. Include the name of the agent(s) involved, what terminal it was at and so on.

3. Contact your elected officials- Congress keeps a close eye on the TSA. - Book Cheap Flights!

4 thoughts on “Are TSA Agents Getting Worse?”

  1. I recently had an experience flying from Miami to LA with a TSA agent. On the taxi ride to the airport, I put hand lotion on my hands. When the TSA agent swiped my palms and the lotion set off a sensor for explosives, I was taken into a room and harrassed and the agent was rude. Eventually, it was resolved, but I felt like it was handled poorly.

  2. I understand doing your job, but being rude and embarrassing people is unnecessary. I don’t fly much, however I have heard many stories. the best way is to cooperate while letting them know you’re still a human being! TSA sounds like some airport bullies in my opinion. I know not all of them. Knowing their policies before hand seem like a great idea.

    Great article!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Great suggestions on how to deal with the TSA agents. I traveled recently and was horrified at how rude they were to me and my family. I will keep your suggestions in mind for next time, and calling the supervisor makes a lot of sense to me. It is a shame that this is happening more and more.

  4. I have to travel on a pretty consistent basis. I never like dealing with TSA and always would rather drive if possible. I have been through some crazy airports and it seems like there is no consistency in what a weapon is and what isn’t . But at the end of the day, if you want to get on your plane, you need to be nice and courteous to them. I still love this country.

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