American Airlines is squaring off with its aircrew before the holiday travel season

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In an effort to stave off flight cancellations during peak travel times, Fort Worth-based American Airlines offered flight attendants and pilots extra pay for working flights during the holidays. But the pilots union voted to reject the offer.

  • Flight attendants could make as much as triple their usual pay for working holiday flights and having perfect attendance.
  • The pilots union says it wants more permanent changes to how the airline schedules flights.
  • Why it matters: Flight demand is slowly approaching 2019 levels, when around 47 million people flew on U.S. airlines. Mass disruptions during this stretch could be infuriating for passengers and incredibly costly for the airlines.Flashback: American Airlines had to cancel more than 2,000 flights in only a few days at the end October and early November, citing weather problems and understaffing.
    • Southwest experienced similar problems earlier in October, which cost the airline a reported $75 million.

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