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Ever-growing in popularity, a cruise to Alaska is not your conventional vacation experience. Instead of basking in the sun and lying on beaches, travelers get the chance to hike through emerald green mountains, fish in sapphire waters, and observe wildlife with white-snow capped mountains as a backdrop. Guests will want to bring a nice pair of binoculars with them for the chance to see exotic wildlife such as bald eagles, brown bears, sea lions, humpback whales, salmon jumping through the cruise ships’; breaking waters, and more.

With breathtaking scenery and a variety of spectacular landscapes, cruisers can experience an entirely different lifestyle with food, art, adventure, and more. Alaskan cuisine consists of an abundance of marvelous seafood, as well as smoked salmon, wild berries, and even reindeer sausage! Travelers can also experience a variety of Native culture through totem carving, music, historical museums, heritage centers, and crafts including woven baskets, and items carved from ivory, jade, animal skin, and bone.

There are numerous places to see in Alaska that are sure to captivate people of all ages. Visit Glacier Bay, the 3.2 million-acre National Park abundant with active glaciers and wildlife. Travel to Lynn Canal with copious waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, and scenic forests, and see the 16 colossal glaciers that make up College Fjord in Prince William Sound, where it is not uncommon to hear the rumble of glaciers falling into waters.

For those seeking adventure, individuals can white water raft or kayak through the thrilling rivers and lakes, or bike a mountain trail through the lush National forests. Regardless of how the day is spent, a cruise to Alaska provides unlimited opportunities to explore the rugged scenery, smaller villages, and stunning wildlife for an inspiring and breathtaking vacation.

Adventure, culture, history and glaciers are just part of your Alaskan cruise vacation. This is a big state known for both its fabulous scenery and its rich history – dating back as early as 181,000 BC. Not forgetting the highlight of any Alaskan cruise, a train ride through the Alaska Kenai Peninsula.

7+ Night Alaska Cruises On Sale at Avoya Travel – Shop Now!

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