A man in India dressed up as a pilot and used his disguise to skip lines and get free upgrades, police say

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  • The police arrested a man at a Delhi airport Monday who they say dressed up as a pilot and tried to use his status to get preferential treatment like free upgrades.
  • Officers say Rajan Mahbubani tried to pass himself off as a Lufthansa pilot while getting on an AirAsia flight from Delhi to Kolkata.
  • The police said Mahbubani had also previously impersonated an army colonel.

The police arrested a man at an airport in New Delhi on Monday who they accused of dressing up as an airline pilot in an attempt to get preferential treatment.

Rajan Mahbubani was detained while attempting to board an AirAsia flight at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, according to a report from CNN.

He was dressed in the uniform of a pilot for Germany’s flag carrier airline, Lufthansa.

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Rajan Mahbubani
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