24 of the Worst Real-Life Vacation Disasters

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There’s a reason psychologists say that vacationing is among the most stressful of life events, right alongside changing jobs, moving residences, and divorcing. In fact, we’ve got 24 of them.

It had to pee you

“In the middle of my first night in a hostel in Amsterdam, I heard a loud, gushing sound,” Jamie Zipfel tells Reader’s Digest. “I chalked it up to faulty pipes until I smelled it: one of the drunken guests had peed all over the floor. All my belongings except my phone and notebook were soaked.” To make matters worse, she had nothing to wear the next day to take her peed-on belongings to the laundromat, so she ended up going al fresco, but for a windbreaker she borrowed from a generous Chelsea footballer. These travel secrets practically guarantee a stress-free trip…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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