The 12 Ways You’re Eating in New York City Wrong

Few questions are more urgent than where to eat when you’re traveling to a place with more than two restaurants.

It’s certainly omnipresent for people who are visiting New York. (“Where should I eat?” is a question any local food critic hopes to never hear again.) The city has one of the best and deepest restaurant rosters in the world, and the amount is increasing: in 2017, there were 26,697 restaurants in the city, up from 26,110 in 2016 and roughly 1,500 more places than there were five years ago.

Of course you can make a list of must-try restaurants; that never hurts. But for a city as big and fast moving as New York, having a solid set of strategies to maximize your meals is the expert way to go. 

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Love Cheese? Here’s Where to Travel. - Book Cheap Flights!

Cheese is a staple of many cultures. The way a region enjoys its cheese can flavor not only its dishes, but can also be a reflection of the way its people approach life. From a hearty Bavarian side dish best enjoyed in a beer garden, to a mild but flavorful Arab delicacy often shared around the table, here are some of the best ways to enjoy cheese while traveling.


Bavaria offers much more than the beers during Oktoberfest. While sitting in a beer garden anywhere in the region, you’ll find the breakfast veal sausage Weiswurst and the popular Indian-influenced Currywurst on the menu. Accompanying them you’ll also often see kaesespaetzle, a popular dish akin to macaroni and cheese, with a gnocchi-like consistency due to its starchy origins. Sampling it, you’ll be rewarded with a delicious, carb-packed snack dripping with Emmentaler cheese and covered in onions. It’s been described as “what macaroni and cheese is trying to be.” The Swiss version may even be an ancestor to the popular American dish. (See other places you can celebrate Oktoberfest.)……Click Here To Keep Reading

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Passenger Dies On United Airlines Flight After ‘Medical Emergency’

A passenger died Tuesday night aboard a United Airlines flight from Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport to Boston after a “medical emergency.”

United said Flight 1888 diverted to Washington Dulles airport near Washington, D.C., where a medical crew met the plane at the gate.

“We are saddened to learn that the customer passed away,” said Jonathan Guerin, a United spokesman. “We extend the sincerest condolences to the family.”…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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5 Charged With Hate Crime In Assault At Las Vegas Hotel

At least five men called a gay man homophobic slurs as they punched and kicked him at an off-Strip hotel parking garage, police documents show.

The attack happened about 6:10 p.m. Sunday in a parking garage at the Hard Rock Hotel, 4455 Paradise Road, according to an arrest report. Officers found five men who had handcuffed by hotel security. Another man, who told police he is gay, was bleeding from the bridge of his nose….Click Here To Keep Reading

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What’s new in food, drink and hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is sizzling. And we don’t just mean the summer heat that bakes the city to golden crisp.

A burst of new restaurants, bars and resort rooms has lent some serious sparkle to the city of lights and magic. What follows are some of the new hot spots, not limited to the famed Strip.


Palms Casino Resort is sinking $620 million into a major makeover of the property just off the strip. Art – think Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Dustin Yellin – plays a major part of the upgrade, including at the new Unknown bar where Damien Hirst’s celebrated “The Unknown (Explored, Explained, Exploded)” – a 13-foot-long tiger shark divided into three parts – is the focal point…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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A new generation of hoteliers revives Catskills tourism

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In 2016, photographer Marisa Scheinfeld released The Borscht Belt: Revisiting the Remains of America’s Jewish Vacationland, a collection of ghostly photos of the western Catskills that seemed to capture the area’s fate. Once-glorious resorts that populated the mountainous region north and west of New York City in the middle of the last century—the Catskills’ golden age—were now decayed carcasses littering the landscape, with lonely lounge chairs abandoned next to parched Olympic-sized pools.

But a funny thing has happened on the way to the Catskills: Hoteliers started to take notice of the area again. Amid the Catskills’ 35 high peaks and nearly 6,000 square miles—which include waterfalls, ice caves, rocky cliffs, and fly-fishing spots—several of those downtrodden resorts have been reborn or revamped, and shuttered or ailing smaller motels, hotels, guesthouses, and inns—not to mention a major casino complex—have recently opened, or are just about to….Click Here To Keep Reading

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The 31 hotels everyone should stay at in their lifetime, according to the man who tests them out for a living

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Every globetrotter has a bucket list of must-travel destinations — but sometimes the hotel is the draw in and of itself.

Philippe Kjellgren, the founder of PK’s List, knows this more than most.

Originally the founder of luxury hotel website Kiwi Collection, Swedish-born Kjellgren has written seven travel/hotel books, runs a travel advisory service for high-profile clients, as well as a newly-launched hotel app— and he’s currently on an 800 day trip around the world to visit over 1,000 of the world’s best hotels across all seven continents.

He was flying from Tokyo to Sydney when he spoke to Business Insider, and says that he has so far visited “most of Africa, all of Asia” and is “now heading [to] the Pacific, then the Americas after that.”….Click Here To Keep Reading

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6 Hotel Sex Tips That Will Make You Thirsty for Your Next Vacation

Hotels are relaxing, fun, and under the right set of circumstances, super sexy. Half the fun of vacation is the chance to get it on in a new place. You know you’re reading this because you’re looking for those good ideas. Vacation sex is some of the best sex.

Enjoy yourself and get ready to get a little bit freaky.

Check out these 6 tips for the hottest vacation sex of your life. You’ll be booking your flights before you’re finished reading. We’re talking five-star thirst. Enjoy!

Pick the right hotel

The first step in having hot hotel sex is choosing a hotel that caters to adults. You don’t want to pick a family-centric, kid-focused hotel. You are not going to want to have sex with a bunch of munchkins running up and down the hall at all hours of the day……Click Here To Keep Reading - Book Cheap Flights!



These Three Sydney Hotels Are Redefining Luxury For The Millennial Set


Sydney has undergone some pretty drastic changes in the last ten years. As house prices continue to skyrocket, a new, trendier Sydney has emerged, defined by fashionable new spaces where young, moneyed millennials can feel at home. Nowhere is this more evident than in the hotel space. Once upon a time, the city’s hotels mirrored those of any other big – but not Big – city: the standard luxury set, as defined by the Hiltons and Four Seasons of the world, and a middle set of affordable, basic accommodations that stood somewhere between hotel and motel.

Sydney has certainly stepped up its hotel game since then, welcoming a number of luxurious, thoughtfully designed spaces, each with a host of quirky touches that seem to call out to the young in particular. Here are three of the best….Click Here To Keep Reading

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Forget Coachella, This Minimalist Desert Getaway is the Reason to Visit Palm Springs

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 Palm Springs is one of California’s prime getaway spots. From the Coachella Valley Music Festival to its elegant mid-century modernist architecture, the desert resort city is a welcoming rest stop for city dwellers from all over. And for those on the hunt for a new hideaway, we present this beautiful beacon of simplicity for your consideration…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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