Halong Bay: A journey into the dragon’s jaws

(CNN) — Captain Tho Pham first went out to sea when he was 14 years old. Now, he’s been a junk skipper in Halong Bay for more than a decade.
He knows his way through the tangle of islands that cover Halong as well as anyone alive.
“Long ago, our forefathers were fighting to resist an invasion — just one of the many we’ve fought off over the centuries,” says Captain Tho as he guides his 55-meter junk boat between rearing limestone outcrops.
“Legend has it that the gods sent a family of giant dragons to help us. The dragons spat great blocks of jade, the size of mountains, which formed this barricade of islands and blocked the invasion.”….Click Here To Keep Reading

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Hotel secrets reveal how to make five star hotels more affordable

Hotel secrets have offered up a number of tips and hacks regarding how to get a cheaper or better room.

Asking for a corner room can add extra space, and being kind to the front of desk staff can often give better service.

The dream for many would be to stay in a five-star hotel, to experience a night of luxury.

This isn’t an option for many due to the steep price that often follows.

Travel search company Skyscanner has revealed their best advice on how to get cheaper five-star hotels – with some on offer for just £14 a night….Click Here To Keep Reading

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The TSA Is Keeping a Secret List of People Who Misbehave at Airport Security

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is maintaining a list of unruly and disruptive passengers, according to a five-page directive obtained by The New York Times.

Actions that could land a passenger on the TSA’s list — known as the “95 list” — include swatting away a security officer’s hand, loitering suspiciously near to a checkpoint, or anything that poses “challenges to the safe and effective completion of screening.”

Since the list’s creation in February, fewer than 50 people have been added. Guidelines in the directive prohibit profiling and inclusion in the list based on race, gender, or religion…Cick Here To Keep Reading

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You’ll Never Guess What State Has 2018’s Top Wine Destination

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Napa, Sonoma, and New York’s Finger Lakes get a lot of attention when it comes to wine, but they aren’t the only places in the U.S. to get an amazing vintage.

A study released Tuesday by RewardExpert analyzed millions of ratings on CellarTracker to identify where the best-reviewed bottles of wine originated. According to the study, the top destination for wine this year is in the great state of Ohio. Coshocton, Ohio, to be exact.

About two hours south of Cleveland and a bit more than an hour east of Columbus, Coshocton has nine wineries and vineyards that boast an average wine rating of 98 out of 100. They’re basically wine gifted. According to RewardExpert, this lesser known wine haven has the most highly rated winery in the country: Heritage Vineyards….Click Here To Keep Reading

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Away Is Home | Beat The Crowds With Off-Season Travel Hacks

Sometimes when you’re traveling, your timing is terrific. Sometimes, it’s just lucky.

On our trip to South Dakota last week, we were just lucky. Temperatures in the mid-70s. Almost no visitors. Matt Plank, the assistant curator of reptiles of the Reptile Gardens, a private collection of alligators, snakes, and turtles just outside Rapid City, described the mayhem of tourist season to me: It’s hot and overcrowded. Tour buses are stacked several rows deep in the parking lot. On the busiest days, some of the exhibits are hard to access….Click Here To Keep Reading

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The Most Beautiful National Parks In Canada

Canada is best known for its scenic natural landscapes. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the breathtaking Northern Lights, impressive wildlife and lush forests, Canada is truly a promised land for nature lovers. Some of the most beautiful national parks in Canada are… Click Here To Keep Reading

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Best Canadian Destinations To Visit During Winter

Canada finds a place in every globetrotter’s list of top places to visit in the world. And why not?! From its bustling metropolises and seaside towns to French-speaking cities and unspoiled expanses of wilderness, the North American country sweeps people off their feet with its several destinations. But while most people throng here during summers, we bring your attention to the spectacle that the Great White North is during the sweater season. If you seek to give a touch of fun and excitement to this winter, then book cheap flight tickets to any of the following destinations and let the good times roll….Click Here To Keep Reading

Don’t forget Ontario!

Best Amusement Parks For Thrill Seekers

Gone are the days when amusement parks were synonymous with just fun rides for kids. Today modern theme parks are more about the “fastest”, “largest” and “scariest” words that instantly put a smile on the faces of thrill seekers. There are many theme parks that have been consistently pushing the envelope with their gravity defying rides and nothing’s putting a break on that anytime soon. In case you are an adventure lover who has been seeking to experience an unmatched adrenaline rush, then you have landed on the right page. Check out these top-of-the-line amusement parks that are nothing but sheer thrill…Click Here To Keep Reading

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Lookupfare, Business Class, Business Travel Deals

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The Ultimate Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip Guide

Talk about the “Most Scenic Drives in the World” and you can never skip the mention of the Pacific Coast Highway. Hordes of people from near and far flock to the western coast of the United States of America every year to immerse themselves in a surreal ride through one of the most stunning landscapes of the planet. Beginning near California’s border with Oregon, the gorgeous route makes its way down to San Diego near the Mexico-United States border.

The hundreds of miles translate in to hours of drive past panoramic vistas of the Pacific, coastal villages, bustling metropolises, unspoiled natural landscapes and more. If you are contemplating a road trip on this magnificent route, then prepare for the time of your life. Though the ride is majestic, irrespective of the direction of your drive, north or south bound, it is typically recommended that you begin from the north and drive south so as to behold unscathed views of the coast and the ocean while driving on the right side of the road.

Another important thing to take in to consideration is where to start your trip. Though the typical Pacific Coast Highway road trip means a ride on California’s iconic Highway 1, you can stretch it out to Oregon or maybe further north to the state of Washington. So, pick the route that floats your boat. But after you have zeroed in on the route, comes the difficult part, which is – where to stop on this road trip? The Pacific Coast is dotted with some incredible stops and that’s what makes it a difficult task. But here are the best that are hard to miss….Click Here To Keep Reading

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Lookupfare, Business Class, Business Travel Deals

Top Destinations For A Family Vacation



Okay, planning a family vacation can be a real fuss. Everyone in the family seems to have a different picture of how they want to spend their vacation. It’s hard to concretize these multiple ideas in to a real plan. Thus, many family vacations just die out in the planning process or end up being a sour pie. But, we take up all the hassles to spend quality time with the people we love and cherish the most. We want to make memories so when life keeps us apart for a while, we can smile through it caressing the infinite loving memories. And what’s better than family vacations to make heaps of them….Click To Keep Reading

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