Creepy Texas ghost towns totally worth a road trip this summer

Sure, all your friends seem to be going to the beach, tubing or camping for their summer vacations. But you haven’t really experienced summer in Texas until you’ve visited a ghost town.

The towns have long been abandoned by its former residents but remnants of their existence remain in the form of buildings, monuments and forgotten history. Some of them are practically empty now because of devastating hurricanes, drought, dam breaches or economic collapse…..Click Here To See More Ghost Towns

Sherwood – Located in Irion County, southwest of San Angelo, Sherwood is now a small rural community but used to be the county seat. When Mertzon was named the new county seat, Sherwood’s courthouse (pictured)….Click Here To See More Ghost Towns - Book Cheap Flights!

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Haunting pictures of the abandoned Cyprus airport once used by millions of holidaymakers - Book Cheap Flights!

THIS airport was once a bustling, state-of-the-art transport hub on a popular holiday island.

But for more than 40 years time has stood still at Nicosia International Airport in Cyprus.

The health control area in the main terminal building at the abandoned Nicosia International Airport

But it is now an eerie scene of decaying check-in desks and terminal equipment, and stripped-back jets stuck on the abandoned tarmac.

The airport became deserted after 1974, when it became a flashpoint for civil conflict on the Mediterranean island……Click Here To Keep Reading

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Anlong Limestone Resort: China’s hidden wilderness paradise - Book Cheap Flights!

Known for its karst landscapes and a 50-hectare canyon, the five-square-kilometer Anlong Limestone Resort is China’s first national outdoor extreme sports park.
Opened in 2016 with an investment of $42 million from the government, it’s hosted various national and international sports events. it offers access to several extreme sports activities including rock climbing, paragliding, cave exploration, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.
There’s also a via ferrata on the side of a 165-meter-high cliffside, offering breathtaking views of the Haiwei Canyon. The Anlong Limestone Resort Tourist Center sits at the bottom of that canyon.
“The visitor center is located on a small hill,” says He. “On the hill sits four groups of rocks. The shapes of the rocks are wonderful and they’re an important treasure endowed by nature to the site.
“Our design hopes to keep the rocks at the original site as much as possible by interspersing the buildings between the rocks. The rocks are both the foundations of the buildings and an important feature in the views from the buildings.”…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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The North Coast 500: Scotland’s answer to Route 66 - Book Cheap Flights!

‘’Embark on one of the world’s most iconic coastal touring routes, and discover the breath-taking beauty of the North Highlands; a place where you’ll find white sand beaches, rugged mountains, hidden gems and a wealth of unforgettable experiences.’’

The North Highlands has become one of the most iconic destinations in Scotland because of the NC500.  Why not take the Road That Never Was, That Suddenly Appeared, As If By Magic!

Taking the NC500 route helps you to discover the best the Highlands has to offer, from magical and mystical castles, sample amazing local produce, with fresh from the sea and land specialties, the wonderful distilleries and breweries or take to the water on an exhilarating wildlife safari. The North Coast 500 offers a truly unique touring experience, quite unlike anywhere else in the world and many of those who have done it have said it was life-changing for them. ….Click Here To Keep Reading

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The curious rise of the fake landmark – and why it could be the future of travel

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so they say. If this is the case the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Pyramids of Giza should be blushing right now, for between them they have hundreds of replicas around the world.

The weird world of facsimile landmarks made the news this week after Egypt vented fury at China when a full-size replica of the Great Sphinx of Giza reappeared at a theme park in the northern city of Shijiazhuang. This comes two years after pressure from Cairo forced the structure to be torn down.

Officials from Cairo complained that the structure is an insult to Egypt’s cultural heritage and a violation of the country’s intellectual property. They are now taking measures through Unesco to have the replica Sphinx taken down once and for all…..Click Here To Keep Reading

007 Elements: New James Bond museum opens on top of Austrian mountain

(CNN) — James Bond movies are known for their incredible backdrops — from Canada‘s natural beauty in the spectacular opening sequence of 1977’s “The Spy Who Loved Me” to a colorful Mexico City in 2015’s “Spectre.”
Now a new museum in the Austrian Alps will showcase one of Bond’s recent, memorable destinations.
007 Elements is an immersive installation celebrating Bond’s cinematic outings past and present. The museum neighbors the glacial ice Q restaurant featured in “Spectre” — both buildings are on Gaislachkogl mountain in Sölden.
The museum, opening July 12, will be reached via the Gaislachkoglbahn cable car.
“It’s an authentic James Bond movie location, it’s inside the top of a mountain at 3,000 meters up in the air,” creative director and James Bond art director Neal Callow tells CNN Travel.
Callow worked as the art director on the past four Bond films: “Casino Royale,” “Quantum of Solace,” “Skyfall” and “Spectre.”
His envy-inducing job has him traveling the world, following in the jet-setting footsteps of the world’s most famous spy. Callow reveals to CNN Travel why Sölden was chosen for some key scenes in “Spectre.”
“We were looking for a perfect environment for the character of Dr Madeleine Swann, who is a character in the Bond movie, she has this kind of frosty meeting with James Bond,” explains Callow. “And we were looking for somewhere high in the mountains with a unique, modern piece of architectural style.”…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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Fly Across Niagara Falls on an Exhilarating Zip Line This Summer

Huge discount on Airline deals! Book Now & Get up to $15 Off*. Use Coupon Code TLCHEAP15.While visitors can get great views of Niagara Falls from both the U.S. and Canadian sides of the border, there’s a third option that offers the most thrilling view of this natural wonder.

Wild Play Element Parks has installed four exhilarating zip lines across Niagara Falls, so you can get a view of the falls from 220 feet up — while going about 40 miles per hour across 2,200 feet.

At cruising speed, the ride only takes about half a minute, but it’s a half minute that you’ll remember forever.

The ride begins at Niagara Parks Grand View Marketplace and zips across to finally land at the Ontario Power Company building at the base of Horseshoe Falls. And if you’re not an experienced zipliner, don’t worry. The experience is fully guided by an expert……Click Here To Keep Reading

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TripAdvisor Names Most Blissful Destinations For Wellness Travel


NEEDHAM, Mass., June 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — TripAdvisor®, the travel planning and booking site, today announced the top wellness travel destinations in the U.S. and around the globe. TripAdvisor identified zen destinations where travelers can retreat to focus on well-being, yoga, meditation and self-care based on destinations seeing the greatest amount of related search terms on TripAdvisor.


Wellness tourism is a growing trend where travelers are seeking health and spirituality on their trips. According to the Global Wellness Institute, international and domestic wellness tourism accounted for $563 billion in 2015, up 14 percent from 2013, and is expected to grow to $808 billion by 2020. The trend continues, with 25 percent of travelers saying they plan to take a wellness trip in the next 12 months, according to a recent poll of TripAdvisor’s global Facebook community.

“For travelers looking to improve their spiritual or physical health, or just an escape for digital detox, these destinations offer a wide variety of peaceful accommodations and experiences to revitalize the soul,” said Brooke Ferencsik, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor.

To help travelers on their journey to feeling centered, TripAdvisor also surfaced highly-rated spa hotels, wellness experiences and healthy restaurants for maximum mind and body harmony.  

Top 10 Wellness Destinations in the U.S.:

1. Sedona, Arizona 
Sedona is a true oasis, a wellness-seeker’s paradise in the middle of the Arizona desert, where travelers will find resorts and spas, canyons and red rock formations. Bell Rock and Oak Creek Canyon are great hiking spots, and the dramatic architecture of the Chapel of the Holy Cross is a religious experience in itself.

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Authorities investigating alleged sexual encounter between adult, girl on LA-London flight

British police are investigating accusations an adult man had a sexual encounter and may have molested a 14-year-old girl in the bathroom of a cross-Atlantic flight from Los Angeles to London last week. 

A passenger on Norwegian Airlines flight 7094 said she and others became aware of the June 7 incident when the mother of the girl began screaming at the male passenger midway through the 10-hour flight, accusing him of raping the girl. 

“Everyone on the plane was in shock and the cabin crew were surrounding the woman trying to hold her and her husband back from attacking the man,” passenger Sequoia Schmidt, 27, told Fox News. “I looked over to see the girl huddled in the back of the plane.”

A spokesperson for Norwegian Airlines confirmed that they are “aware of an incident onboard flight DI7094 and are assisting with authorities’ investigation.”…..Click Here To Keep Reading

Top 10 Photo-Ready Locations to Travel to in 2018 - Book Cheap Flights!

There’s probably nothing better than traveling to far-off places with your camera in tow, capturing the beauty and essence of each location with every snap you take. Photography and travel seem to go seamlessly together, as pictures not only document your time in a certain location for future memories, but also tell the story of your travels, the people you meet along the way, and your experiences.

Travel should always be at the top of your “to do” list each year if you’re a photographer, and for 2018, you should make it your goal to visit a few of these top photographic locations to sharpen your photography skills and immerse yourself in each region’s beauty:

1. Cedar Mesa, Utah

If you want to capture the great outdoors in all of its glory, Cedar Mesa, UT, is where you should head. There are tons of famous rock formations to photograph like the famous Pueblo ruins that’ll make you want to shoot from sun up to sun down…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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